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What Do People Find When They Look For You Online?
Maybe your brand really is as great as you imagine. Or maybe you're just one click away from everything exploding in your face.

Either way...can you afford not to know?

Even if you're the Queen of all Brands in the Kingdom of Brandopia, there's always room for improvement.

Your brand is the beating heart of your business. And just like your own ticker, it needs occasional check-ups to maintain good health. Positioning yourself as an authority means presenting yourself online with confidence, credibility and clarity.

Boost Your Sales

Are you reaching your ideal clients? Or is weak or confusing copy and messaging costing you sales?

Protect Your Reputation

Is your online reputation completely safe? Or is there anything floating around the web that could  turn off potential clients before you even get  a chance to speak with them?

Strengthen Your Brand

Does your online brand truly project your authority? Or is it hurting your overall marketing objectives?

If you're not 100% confident that your online brand reflects your values, capabilities and authority...

Then you need an Authority Brand Audit. 

The Authority Brand Audit involves a rigorous review of your entire online brand – website, social media, emails and funnels.

We'll assess your online brand in terms of:


If there are any doubts about what you do or your distinct value, then that signals poor positioning.  If you don't position yourself convincingly as an Authority brand, then you run the risk of being seen as just another service provider or not being seen at all.


If your messaging is out of whack, then it will show up as lower conversions and weaker sales. You need to be clear about what you want to say and deliver it in a way that your target audience is best primed to receive it.

Online Copy

Copywriting - the ability to persuade with words - is one of the most critical elements in your online marketing. Are your headlines and email subject lines popping? Are your calls to action clear? Let's make sure you're hitting the right notes and your personality is shining through.

Brand Consistency

Inconsistency affects sales. Brand inconsistency can range from being too exuberant with font variety to presenting a completely different image from one online interaction to another, often unconsciously. This audit will help you get your brand fully aligned.

Online Reputation

Protecting your online reputation is critical. We will find and remove any social media breaches - whether from your posts or from people tagging you - and give you strategies to guard your online reputation going forward.

Diversity & Inclusion

It's one thing to be true to your voice and customer personas, but it's another thing to make people feel excluded or even offended. We will scan your online marketing for possible “trouble spots” and suggest tweaks that are inclusive of more diverse audiences.

You Are Inches Away From a Stronger, Safer Brand

Here are the 4 easy steps to completing your Authority Brand Audit:


You pay for the Audit and I send you a form to fill asking for details of your online brand such as your website, social media handles and a sample of three emails.
2. Comprehensive Review

I conduct a thorough assessment of your online brand. 10 days later, you will receive a video and written summary of my findings and recommendations.
3. Online Meeting

We meet for 60 minutes on Zoom to discuss the audit and any further questions you might have.
4. Implement

You follow THE PLUG-AND-PLAY INSTRUCTIONS FROM YOUR GAME-CHANGING AUDIT AND GO rock your newly improved online brand!


Polishing up and protecting your online brand will:

*increase your authority

*attract and retain more clients 

*let you sleep better at night.

So, what are you waiting for?
Order Your Authority Brand Audit Now 

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